My ‘Zone Of Genius’ is helping people reach their highest potential, by removing the subconscious blocks that hold them back - both mentally and aesthetically.

As a child I was often told that I had a natural talent for breaking through barriers, which set the stage for my chosen career.

My first goal was set at the age of 9. I had taken up ballet and was desperate to do the splits! I lay in bed one night and before drifting off to sleep I decided that I would achieve my goal the next morning.

And I did! I awoke very early, ran down the stairs, performed the splits on the living room carpet and ran back upstairs to wake my parents and show them my new skill.

The second goal was set at the age of 11. I simply decided that when I was old enough I wanted to be an Air Stewardess. On the day of my 21st birthday I applied to BOAC and 6 weeks later began my training on the brand new Boeing 747.

Some years later, the next goal was set, when I decided to work in the exciting arena of motorsport.  After showing up at the nearest Formula 1 Headquarters with my CV, just one week later I started my new role as a F1 Team Secretary.  Within 6 weeks I took on more responsibility, which led me to a career in motorsport spanning more than 30 years.

The sporting world was where I grew my fascination for and love of psychology - I soon realised how important the mindset is, not just in sport, but in everything we do, and went on to qualify in NLP and Hypnosis.

My first big break came soon after I had finished my studies when I worked with a British Tennis Player who didn’t believe in himself. After 3 weeks of focusing on his self-belief and confidence,  not only did he qualify for Wimbledon, he beat a Top 50 player first round, drew Pete Sampras second round and became the first player ever to take Pete to five sets at Wimbledon.  A great career high!

Since then I have been lucky to help numerous racing drivers win both races and championships, plus help women step into a boardroom full of confidence. Isn’t it incredible what style, posture and self belief can do?

I love helping people achieve their goals, and believe that nothing is impossible.

I also believe that the pressures on women to look a certain way is extremely tough, often affecting career, relationships and future aspirations.  And this is why I’m so passionate about helping women create time to understand themselves so that they can overcome barriers, feel incredible and be the best they can possibly be.