A safe, natural and effective alternative to injectables.

Have you ever wondered why it is that we go to the gym to train our bodies and build healthy strong muscle and yet we don’t think about exercising the 57 muscles in our face? The benefits of exercising your face daily are numerous for anyone dealing with the natural ageing process.


Why Me?

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded the UK license by Californian based Facercise®. Having recently returned from Los Angeles where I trained with Carole Maggio, the founder of Facercise® and the world’s foremost authority on facial exercises, I now offer sessions both online over Skype and one to one in Marlow and London.


One Off Session
Skype: From £150
One To One: From £195

Packages, For Faster Results & Competitive Pricing
Skype x 10 Sessions: From £1,250
One To One x 10 Sessions: From £1,700


Dr Oz talks about Facercise®

How It Works

Facercise® is a series of synergistic facial exercises that has been successfully implemented by hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. Through proper facial exercise, one can strengthen and develop the facial muscles to achieve a more toned, younger looking face. These innovative manoeuvres strengthen your facial muscles and takes years off your looks.

Just as a body builder can use weight training to isolate and develop certain muscles in his or her body, a particular facial feature can be developed and accentuated by performing a specific facial exercise. Positive results are seen in just a few days.

  • The skin awakens and becomes luminous and peachy

  • The eyebrows and lids are lifted and the eyes appear larger and more twinkly

  • Under-eye puffiness and hollows diminish

  • The nose becomes toned and more perky, the tip lifted and narrowed

  • The lips become plump and pink

  • Lines begin to diminish around the lips

  • Mouth corners are lifted and turned up

  • Nasolabial lines soften and diminish

  • The jawline firms and appears youthful again

  • Double chins and loose neck skin become toned and taut

  • The neck skin becomes toned and smooth


Book Your One To One Facercise® Training

Turn back the clock with Carole Maggio’s proven facial exercises.


Alexandra Soveral

I am also delighted to work with world renowned skincare designer Alexandra Soveral as a Brand Ambassador. Her award winning products are organic and hand blended in London, combining tropical vitamins with pure active antioxidants.

Please contact me for details of products and pricing. Her stunning range of cosmetics include aromatherapy oils, face oils, cleansers, moisturisers and face masks; all with no parabens, SLS or harmful chemicals.