“Of great benefit to me.”

“I first met Gloria at a time when I wanted to improve my concentration on the golf course. The sessions we had worked all but I found through our discussions I also needed to address my approach to the time I gave to my business as well as to my personal life - both of which needed some realignment. Working with Gloria was both very enjoyable and challenging. I trusted her judgement and I found her totally confidential about the conversations we had as well as being very perceptive of me. This opened my mind to think differently and helped me to reach a solution that has proved to be of great benefit to me personally and interestingly, also to my golf game.”

— Sir Rodney Aldridge

“Both fascinating and fulfilling.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Gloria to enhance my career as a London based Lawyer. As a direct result of the coaching, I not only felt more confident and motivated, I was subsequently promoted. I then asked Gloria for help with styling and found the process both fascinating and fulfilling, culminating with a very stylish and workable wardrobe. I will never forget how I felt walking into the Boardroom shortly afterwards and seeing the Partners mouths gape open in shock - I was wearing the most stylish Designer Trouser Suit - and it wasn’t black. I felt marvellous.”

— Jenny. Senior Partner.


“She is part of my dream team and I think she’s played a really important part in my career.

She is the best.”

Les Ferdinand. Former England Footballer and TV Pundit


“Worth its weight in gold.”

“Whatever it was she told him it was worth its weight in gold.”

The Times

from an article about the Barry Cowan/Pete Sampras Match at Wimbledon