Transformational Coaching

The ‘Glo’ Bespoke is my fluff-free signature coaching programme, intuitively designed to transform your confidence from the inside out.



The Glo Bespoke is available both online via Skype and one to one in London. For tailored packages please contact me to discuss your requirements.


From £750 - 3 Phases
From £1,300 - 4 Phases

Private Home Visits
From £1,500 - 3 Phases
From £2,050 - 4 Phases


It’s Not Just You…

Feeling confident doesn't come naturally to most of us women. With male dominated boardrooms, the boom of ‘picture perfect’ social media, and new trends emerging every year, it’s getting tougher to overcome self doubt and really put yourself out there.

The good news is, I’ve got you covered!

Do you:

  • Feel frustrated in your current situation?

  • Struggle to find time for yourself?

  • Struggle to ‘level up’ at work?

  • Feel self doubt holds you back?

  • Want more confidence in the boardroom and the bedroom?

  • Feel like something is missing in your life and have a sense of inner restlessness?

  • People-please everyone in your life?

  • Feel like the extra in everyone else’s movie?

  • Know that now is the time to do something for your own happiness?

Then The Glo Bespoke is for you.


The Process

Phase 1: Your Beliefs

It’s time to get ‘freakishly’ accurate about what you want. Working from the inside out, we’ll establish where you are now, what holds you back, and what motivates you to succeed. Think of this phase like setting the foundations to rebuild your confidence on. You can’t build on rocky beliefs, which is why it’s essential we get to the root causes of your self doubt, so we can then reframe them in Phase 2. You’ll also immediately start to realise where your career and personal life is out of alignment with your passions and personality.

Phase 2: Your Goals

It’s time to take the breaks off! As we work together to remove blocks and insecurities, your natural desire to step outside your comfort zone will grow. Using the power of NLP and Hypnosis we’ll shift your mindset to a powerful new place of power and strength, and set achievable goals to ensure your future path is in place.

Phase 3: Your Beauty

As women, we know how it important it is to feel great on the outside as well as the inside. This is why The Glo Bespoke wouldn’t be complete without two Facercise® sessions, so you can get the youthful look you want without turning to injectables.

Facercise® is a series of synergistic facial exercises that have been successfully put into practice by hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. And as the sole licensee in the UK, I’m here to help you learn this viable alternative to plastic surgery so you can glow too.

Phase 4: Glo Style (Optional)

Most clients find that with a new sense of confidence comes a craving for a new wardrobe! This is why, for an extra £550, I can help you redefine your style, creating a new look and colour code that compliments your shape, skin tone, career and personality. As a qualified Image Consultant and fashion enthusiast, I have an intuitive eye for what works and what doesn’t, and can help you put simple rules in place to make sure you never waste money on the wrong clothes again.


Your transformation is waiting.

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